Garrie Maguire

an Australian Photographer in Beijing

China : Chinese at Red Gate Gallery  – 当前展览 :: 身临其境 红门画廊

20131215-6548-Edit Client: Red Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊
I was asked to curate the Winter stockroom show. I chose to explore the notion of what is it like to live in China. I did this by using the art made by the Chinese artists, and picking themes and images that suited my lived experience. The exhibition has been written up in City Weekend, TimeOut Beijing and China Pictorial. 

我有幸被邀请策划一次库存艺术品的冬季展览。我选择了探索在中国生活的真谛作为展览内容。我采用了中国艺术家的作品,并挑选符合我的生活经验的主题和画作。这次展览已经在City weekend, TimeOut Beijing China Pictorial上做了报导。