Garrie Maguire

an Australian Photographer in Beijing

Argyle Hotel, Shanghai Airport – 上海华港雅阁酒店



Client: Argyle Hotels 客户:东川至和
The Argyle Hotel group work continued with the old Shanghai airport hotel. Included above are two of the more unusual photographs. I mostly shot rooms. One staff member both looked and acted like a young Chinese Mr Spoke. We taught him to stay 'that is highly illogical' In the second photo, the tailor's assistant in his rather wonderful room made for a great portrait. 


Argyle Grand Hotel - Liupanshui  雅阁酒店管理集团(澳大利亚)


Client: Argyle Hotels 客户:红门画廊

In early October i was commissioned to photograph the new 400 room, 5 start Argyle Grand Hotel. This included both making images of the rooms as well as the staff. 

The General Manager of the Hotel

This is my pitch for working with business magazines. From walking into the room to finishing this set up was 10 minutes. The whole shoot was a relaxing 25 minutes including setting up a shot behind his desk and him taking a call.


Unusual Challenges: Catfish Latex

I’ve done some odd jobs this year but this one is up there as the oddest. An acquaintance told me he had a shoot I could work with him on. I asked a few more questions, like what, when and how much. Shooting rubber in a small studio is not easy. It is much more suited to a large space with very big soft boxes. I made do. Most of the photographs were against a white background for their catalogue, however on the sixth suit, i shot the white then moved my navy blue background in and added a bit of drama. So if you are in the fetish manufacturing, I can say I’m experienced.