Garrie Maguire

an Australian Photographer in Beijing

A village temple feast, in Guangdong provence – 村庄宗庙盛宴,广东省

Client: Self 客户:自己 As the family portrayed here is mine, I had great co-operation and made about 2500 photographs of the house warming events, which climaxed with a banquet for 500 people. Again looking for outlets who will pay to publish this set. I've kept the gallery just to the feast, but there is so much more, including Guangdong opera.  这个家族其实和我有姻亲关系,所以我得到了很大的帮助,拍摄了2500张照片,关于这场最多时有500人参与的家族盛宴。我再一次地寻找商家出版这一相集。我把宴会的照片放进了相册里,但是还有更多的照片,包括粤剧还待发布。

Sam Walsh, CEO, RioTinto – 力拓集团首席执行官


Client: GMac 客户:中国国际矿业协会 
I was the official photographer for a big mining conference held in Beijing at which the keynote speaker was Sam Walsh. I had the opportunity to sit him down for one and a bit minutes to make this quick portrait.

我在一场北京的矿业峰会担任官方摄影师。Sam Walsh做了主旨发言。我利用了坐在他旁边的一时之机拍下了这张照片

Jackie Chan in the VIP Room  成龙在贵宾室

Client: AustCham 客户:澳大利亚商会
AustCham announced a number of Ambassadors for Australian cultural relations with China, these are, Jackie Chan, Xu Fan and Allen Lin.


Gail Kelly CEO of Westpac 西太平洋银行CEO

20130606_3508 20130606_3608
Client: AustCham 客户:澳大利亚商会

AustCham has the Australian China Business Awards each year, this year it was hosted in Beijng and Gail Kelly, the CEO of Westpac one of Australia's four main banks gave the keynote. With events getting a great moment of the keynote is important, but also is finding those moments that are a bit unusual and very graphic. 

澳大利亚商会每年都会颁发澳大利亚在华商业大奖,今年这一典礼在北京举办,Gail Kelly女士,澳洲四大银行之一的西太平洋银行CEO做了主题发言。在一重大事件里捕捉到主题演讲的时刻很重要,但同时也是捕捉到那些不同寻常和形象化的时刻的好机会。

Lunch with the Australian Prime Minister

Lunch with the PM  和总理的午餐 20130409_5238311dd2
Client: AustCham 客户:澳大利亚商会

This was highly anticipated both in terms of Australia's relationship with China and domestic politics.  


Mad Hatter's Ball

At the end of March I was invited to photograph the Mad Hatter’s Ball for the AustCham, the Australian Chamber of Commerce. This was the annual ball and attended by the Australia/China business world. Charity of the night was Jackie Chan’s Charities. The night was fun! The photograph is of Paulini singing the national anthem. 20130309-4047

PKU/Griffith Uni Dialogue 北京大学/格里菲斯大学,澳中未来对话—未来领袖论坛

Griffith Asia Institute 客户:《格里菲斯大学亚洲研究所

My job to document the meeting and make a set of photographs that can be used in supporting material for the following years.


IPBC Conference


I really enjoy photographing conferences as I learn a lot, as well as working in a structure that requires me to make interesting photographs of important people in their fields, in awkward situations, i.e. eating, drinking and speaking. This photograph is a pause between thoughts of Roger Shang, Chief Patent and Technology Counsel, Alibaba Group.

Donna's Wedding

I returned to Australia to attend and photograph my sisters wedding. I will not be making a habit of photographing weddings again. I did ten years of them. It is an event and a day to be captured. Though in this case I had to take on the directors role more. Gallery