Garrie Maguire

an Australian Photographer in Beijing

A village temple feast, in Guangdong provence – 村庄宗庙盛宴,广东省

Client: Self 客户:自己 As the family portrayed here is mine, I had great co-operation and made about 2500 photographs of the house warming events, which climaxed with a banquet for 500 people. Again looking for outlets who will pay to publish this set. I've kept the gallery just to the feast, but there is so much more, including Guangdong opera.  这个家族其实和我有姻亲关系,所以我得到了很大的帮助,拍摄了2500张照片,关于这场最多时有500人参与的家族盛宴。我再一次地寻找商家出版这一相集。我把宴会的照片放进了相册里,但是还有更多的照片,包括粤剧还待发布。