Garrie Maguire

an Australian Photographer in Beijing


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(2012) Jump was a project that came out of my residencies at Red Gate Gallery and Three Shadows. It is our response to the exuberance and hope felt by the youth of China.

the masters project

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(2010 - 2011) After five years of research I presented the most monumental work I have ever undertaken. 20 portraits depicting stereotypes of Chinese and Australian masculinity. The project ran for six weeks and was seen my more then a 100 000 people.


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(2004) re-Pat is the first in a style i intend to pursue in the coming years. it is a commission from the Esplanade, Singapore. With so many Singaporeans living in Sydney and so much talk about the creative brain drain I wanted to engage with locals as to their attitudes to ex-pats.


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(2000 - 2002) Every now and then an artist has too much, too much adoration and worship of sports people on the six o'clock news, and needs to react. What is the perfect male body? Sculpture and photography meet to ask questions around male body politics and the rise of neo-eugenics.

Shadows of Angkor

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(1998 - 2004) Seven years of obsession, five adventures into the back blocks of Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. I suspect there are more 4000 images shot on infra-red film of all sizes of the 150 sites that I have visited. Selected works have been exhibited three times.


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2000) Edges was commissioned by Liverpool Regional Museum for an exhibition on gay and lesbian lives in western Sydney.I did the men - Amanda James did the women. Each chose where they were photographed and whether they wished to reveal their faces.

toHave & toHold

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(1998-2000) We all know what women want, they tell us in a thousand women's magazines, but what do men want in a relationship? This project asked 44 men to write what they wanted and their photographs and what they want in a partner were put on the net and responses collected.

I'm Not a Tourist But...

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(1997) Paris... Cartier-Bresson, Brassai... the streets... the history of photography... the stupidity of trying to be yet another tourist trying to walk in their foot steps... falling over the other tourists doing the same... or how I learnt that I was a tourist too, despite all the other titles we like to give ourselves.

I Hope This Doesn't Offend You...

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(1995) Banal places that one walks past often, but hidden in time they were once notorious! This is an exhibition designed for an art space that turned into a bar at night. So the work was designed to help people meet and discuss as well as thought about.


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(1996) Occupation was exhibited as part of Fractured Fairly Tales, with Tala, Peter Lin and Keith Yeo. It examines power and submission and how signifiers such as race, physical size and age change perceptions. All acts are taken out of context and become more disturbing.

Some Other Men

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(1988 - ) In the early 1980's I studied modern history and found colonialism and more recent Australian immigration policy somewhat upsetting. Out in the real world I noticed how issues around race played out. I noticed that in the mid 1990's black americans had more media representation than men from Asia. This series started life as a redress to that issue but has grown much bigger.

A Grave Show

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(1988 - ) Sometimes people die before a sitting can be arranged. All that is left is a memory and a place where their body was put as well as few words. Here are portraits of people i never could take portraits of. This show is not to be exhibited until I can take no more photographs.