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Not only have i spent my career making photographs i have also taught in the vocational training industry for several years, teaching photography to journalism students, both at Swinburne TAFE and a private college. I have given lectures/talks about photography, at the Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney College of the Arts, Deakin University, Three Shadows Photographic Art Centre (Beijing). For a while i taught at a beijing university.

I would like to sit down with you in a cafe or bar and help you understand the things in photography that mystify you, answer your questions about lighting, gear and style and look through your portfolio and help with direction. Email me your questions and what you want to know and arrange a time.

My rate is $75/hour.
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Zhang JuJin's Parents (Ancestor portraits) Semi finalist in the Head On Portrait Prize, 2016

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God+Warriors was a project investigating the perfect male body. I posed men in the forms of sculpture and gave them sporting equipment. Please note the men are naked.
From 2014 to 2017 I was in the Philippines. This is an introduction to the work i made there. From street shooting, ecclesiastical architecture to male nudes.
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