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buildings :: interiors
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Grand dining room of the Argyle Hotel Luipanshui. Commissioned by the Argyle Hotel Group (China). See more images of building interiors.

buildings :: exterior
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The Philippine Cultural Centre published in the book Concrete Concept: Brutalist Buildings Around the World and used by The Guardian as their head photograph for the review of the book. See more building exterior images.

people :: studio
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Escape Plan, modelling shoes from Leaf Legend. The studio isolates the person from most semiotics, leaving only what they personally wear. Leaving only these signifiers, body language and expression we see people anew. See more studio portraits.

people :: location
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Portrait of Qian and his friend from the book Changzhou Through the Lens. See more environmental portraits.

people :: headshots
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Honest headshot of Alain. I did my masters researching masculinities. I photograph men better than I photograph women. See more headshots.

people :: events
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The Australia China Business Awards for AustCham. See more event photographs.

people :: special days
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Love reflected in a moment away from the guests. During the proceedings I asked Basil and Glenn to come for a quick walk. 12 minutes later they were back at the reception having created this image. See more wedding photographs.

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I offer one on one or small group learning about photography. I have taught photography to journalists in Swinburne TAFE and a private college. Given a lecture at Deakin University. Presented a paper at an RMIT conference. Artist talk at Australian Centre of Photography. I can help you with the bits of photography you do not understand. Read more information about our personalised tutoring about photography and visual culture. This is where you will find my self published books.
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