This series developed from the observation that we are coming to the end of film as we know it and moving over to digital. This begs the question will film become the new painting?   Freed from commercial application will it gain a new freedom? Will it accelerate the medium's appeal to collectors? Or will digital with all its associated newness just take over? These questions time will settle. What I'll miss most is the unexpected results that can't be explained easily, these become acceptable because we have no choice - that's the way the film turned out.  

As this Series is in shooting mode if you qualify and would like to be part please contact me!

the theory

As with all my major series to date the work is looking at aspects of masculinity. This time at how migration affects the local culture, practically in relation to male behaviour expectations and self-image. For each model I'm shooting colour and black and white using as many cameras as I've amassed around the studio (which I'm sure will end up being more than 20). I'm allowing the subject to have imputs as to what he wears and where he is photographed. I anticipate that the final   number of images will come to over 100, then it will be up to the curators and gallery directors to decide who goes up and who doesn't. As with my big series at first I photograph anyone who is interested, then over time I get more selective, to be as inclusive as possible. The photos are to appear more like a film still than a portrait.

Some Other Men Occupation Edges toHave & toHold Awaiting Approval Gods + Warriors re-Pat BAD FiLM