Garrie Maguire

an Australian Photographer in Beijing

Felix leaves 张居锦走了

After six months being my regular interpreter and assistant Felix is off to the Netherlands to pursue his Master of Arts in leisure, the business of leisure. I wish him all the best.


Jackie Chan in the VIP Room  成龙在贵宾室

Client: AustCham 客户:澳大利亚商会
AustCham announced a number of Ambassadors for Australian cultural relations with China, these are, Jackie Chan, Xu Fan and Allen Lin.


Art works in the gallery 画廊里的作品

20130713_6346 20130713_6462
Client: Red Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊

Song Jianshu's
At Last, and Li Xiaofeng's ceramic piece on exhibition at Red Gate Gallery. Red Gate Gallery's new website which, i had a major role in, went up in July. The images of the artists and their studio are all by me. 


Walking Home in Summer Rain 龙潭公园

Client: Self 客户:自己