Garrie Maguire

an Australian Photographer in Beijing

Eastern International Art College, Zhengzhou – 郑州轻工业学院易斯顿国际美术学院

Client: Self 客户:自己
I was invited to this college as a visiting artist. Lecturing to a packed house of 280 students, I led a workshop and hung out with the students for two days. Some local business men had commissioned the sculpture department to make them a bull. Time to inspect the clay model.  There is a gallery
here. I'm looking for publications who might be interested in the work.


China : Chinese at Red Gate Gallery  – 当前展览 :: 身临其境 红门画廊

20131215-6548-Edit Client: Red Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊
I was asked to curate the Winter stockroom show. I chose to explore the notion of what is it like to live in China. I did this by using the art made by the Chinese artists, and picking themes and images that suited my lived experience. The exhibition has been written up in City Weekend, TimeOut Beijing and China Pictorial. 

我有幸被邀请策划一次库存艺术品的冬季展览。我选择了探索在中国生活的真谛作为展览内容。我采用了中国艺术家的作品,并挑选符合我的生活经验的主题和画作。这次展览已经在City weekend, TimeOut Beijing China Pictorial上做了报导。

Red Gate Gallery

I have been quite on this website for the past few months, not because I’ve not been working, but because i’ve been working too much on websites. Red Gate’s website to be precise. I started in December to work out the structure and it was finished by mid July and launched. In the artist’s section you will see the various artists i have been to the studios of and photographed. We will be back dating and updating this new over the next while and making (finally) the art pages to this design.

Li Jingou 李金国

Client: Red Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊

My favourite work from the month is the artists I photographed for Red Gate Gallery. This is a portrait of the sculptor Li Jingou posing with a work, made from his signature resin. 


Liang Changsheng 梁长胜


ClientRed Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊

Over the last few years Red Gate Gallery and the Luxembourg ambassador have collaborated on a show of sculpture in the garden of his residence.


21 days in Hong Kong

During March I was based in Hong Kong working on the finals stages of our art project. I also met up with some friends who had flown up from Melbourne. I arrived back from the Handzhou, Jingdezhen, Shanghai and a day in Nanjing trip and in two weeks was heading off again. Now I’m settled back in Beijing for the next six months. While in Hong Kong, I wrote some words to go with my photographs of Jingdezhen. I made several trips to Mongkok and made enough material for an article.


2012 portfolio

20121212-3302 copy

Each year I make a webpage for public consumption and a book for myself. This is a selection of 57 of my favourite photograph of the year. Enjoy! So now that Raffles City has celebrated Xmas 2013 lets look back on 2012.

What Japanese men do in the morning


I’ve been working on an art project with my artistic partner Martin for more then two years. Tokyo was the last city to visited in the eight we decided on. The project is simple, document as many men as we can doing their morning ritual, in real time, with photography as authentically as we can. The project started in Melbourne, and we’ve added, the Sunshine Coast, Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai and of course Beijing. If the guy said yes, we photograph, the only exception to that has been in Beijing where we have done quite a large number as I’m living here. The photograph presented here is of Shinya, who was one of eight men I photographed in the eight city.